At the heart of all major power plants are the turbines and generator sets. Santos personnel’s experience and abilities have been recognized by ALL the major manufacturers and suppliers and we are often the preferred suppliers of key skilled personnel for installation, commissioning, maintenance and shutdown works in power plants worldwide.

This detailed and specific skill supply is backed up with the provision of all other disciplines, from mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control, to health and safety and planning, enabling our clients to rely on Santos to supply the full project, shutdown or maintenance team. These teams can be used on a regular basis for each shutdown, giving strong continuity from project to project, and bringing efficiency of performance and added value every time.

We offer a range of terms from simple day or weekly rates for short term requirements, to monthly ‘fixed cost’ agreements for medium to long term assignments. These can even be in the form of service agreements and include risk / profit share and other types of cooperation, ensuring we give our clients controlled, predicable value throughout the contract.


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