button-eSantos Engineering Services specializes in the supply of integrated full project services for larger and ongoing projects and operations. We also provide contract supply of key personnel, for short and medium term requirements, reducing our client’s recruitment and HR problems associated with such roles. All personnel supplied by Santos can come with full backup and support, everything from visas, accommodation and transport to PPE and specialized tools and equipment as required, and of course all are fully locally compliant, whatever the location.


button-fOver the past 35 years Santos has gained an enviable reputation for the efficient satisfaction of our client’s needs, and have been recognized by, and work for, most of the world’s major equipment suppliers and operators, from turbines and compressor units through to electrical and control systems. We always ask our clients to be as detailed as possible when specifying their requirements, so we can successfully target the right personnel for the role.


button-cFrom key Engineers and supervision for fast turnaround shut downs, to full project and operational life cycle consultants and specialists, we have the people and resources to ensure all aspects are successfully fulfilled. More recently we have been tasked with supplying personnel for ongoing operations and maintenance in various types of facilities. This can range from operational plant reviews, inspection and modification teams, to spare parts procurement and management, training and business improvement specialists.


button-dWhatever the role, skill or experience required, Santos always aims to provide the right person for the role. Currently we have over 80% customer return and repeat business, and have global supply agreements with many clients. This is an outstanding testament to our abilities and success in satisfying our customer’s specific requirements first time and always. At Santos we pride ourselves in working with our clients to provide the most efficient and cost effective service possible. This can range from simple daily or weekly rates per operative or, as many clients have found attractive, we can set up a fixed monthly ‘rate’ for a team, so giving our client simple controlled fixed monthly costs, and reducing their administration time and costs.




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